HealthcarePapers 18(3) October 2019 : 41-49.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2019.25927

Rewarding Success: Changing the Paradigm of How Research Is Rewarded

Jessica Nadigel and Robyn Tamblyn


International health system comparisons reveal that Canada ranks poorly in several measures when assessed against comparable countries, despite the fact that billions of dollars are spent on the Canadian healthcare system every year. Canada is among one of the highest spenders on healthcare, yet value for our investment is not always clear. To sustain Canadian healthcare, it is essential that innovations and process transformations that improve health outcomes and value for our investment are implemented in the health system.

Following the movement of other organizations that are experimenting with innovative models of funding, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research partnered with four Canadian provinces to pilot the Rewarding Success Initiative. This initiative rewards and incentivizes research teams to develop effective partnerships with health system payers and, together, implement innovative solutions in the health system that will enhance value-based care, health system sustainability and health outcomes.



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