Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 23(1) April 2020 : 13-19.doi:10.12927/hcq.2020.26144
Artificial Intelligence in Canadian Healthcare

Connecting Data to Insight: A Pan-Canadian Study on AI in Healthcare

Zaki Hakim, Terra Ierasts, Irfan Hakim, Andre D'Penha, Kevin P. D. Smith and Michael C. W. Caesar


Across Canada, healthcare leaders are exploring the potential of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to transform the healthcare system. This report shares a summary of the current state of healthcare analytics across major hospitals and public healthcare agencies in Canada. We present information on the current level of investment, data governance maturity, analytics talent and tools and models being leveraged across the nation. The findings point to an opportunity for enhanced collaboration in advanced analytics and the adoption of nascent artificial intelligence technologies in healthcare. The recommendations will help drive adoption in Canada, ultimately improving the patient experience and promoting better health outcomes for Canadians.



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