Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 23(4) January 2021 : 23-27.doi:10.12927/hcq.2020.26397
Responding To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Crowdsourcing Health Policy with the Provider Community during a Crisis

Emma Jowett, Vicki Alexopoulos, Cathy Cattaruzza and Graham Woodward


The COVID-19 pandemic presented the healthcare system with numerous challenges requiring an expedited process to address issues and identify necessary innovations. Crowdsourcing is a rapid, flexible and low-cost engagement approach that allows the user to collect substantial information from a large number of people. CorHealth Ontario worked with its cardiac, stroke and vascular stakeholders to develop provincial-level, evidence-based policy and protocol through data-driven crowdsourcing. The experiences of crowdsourcing through CorHealth's stakeholder forums, guidance memos, data and modelling activities and the resource centre form a transferable model for times of crisis wherein organizations must act quickly and effectively to meet stakeholder needs.



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