Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 24(4) January 2022 : 48-53.doi:10.12927/hcq.2022.26711
Quality Improvement

Physician Champions of Quality and Safety: Perspectives of MD Quality and Safety Leads to Drive Quality Innovation at an Academic Hospital

Sarah Tosoni, Quynh Huynh, Patricia Murphy, Flavio Habal, Emily Musing, Brian Hodges and Fei-Fei Liu


While the importance of physician involvement in organizational quality and safety (Q&S) activities has been well established, a paucity of information exists on tangible supports needed to effectively execute this role. Interviews with 13 MD Q&S leads uncovered common enablers, including valuing Q&S work academically, hiring skilled collaborators, ensuring appropriate power and authority to advance Q&S initiatives, facilitating connections, emphasizing culture change and strong action by leadership. To operationalize these enablers and drive quality innovation, organizations should prioritize the identification and appointment of MD Q&S leads for each department/division and facilitate their assembly as a formal physician Q&S committee.



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