Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 25(2) July 2022 : 54-62.10.12927/hcq.2022.26888
Effective Teamwork

Strategic Clinical Network Teams Improve Effectiveness, Team and Leadership Processes and Inputs: Theory-Based Longitudinal Survey

Deborah E. White, Jill M. Norris, Danielle A. Southern, Tracy Wasylak and William A. Ghali


Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) in Alberta include multidisciplinary teams that work toward health system innovation and improvement; however, what contributes to team effectiveness is unclear. This theory-informed longitudinal survey (n = 826) evaluated team effectiveness within SCNs and predictors of effectiveness. Satisfaction, inter-team relationships and seven predictors including team inputs and team and leadership processes improved over two years. Attitudinal outputs were predicted by the same factors over time, whereas performance outputs were predicted by different factors. This innovative study emphasizes that SCN teams and their effectiveness evolve over time and that team-based research can refine network evaluations.



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