Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 25(3) October 2022 : 25-29.doi:10.12927/hcq.2022.26945
Support For Underserved Communities

Using Trusted Relationships and Community-Led Approaches to Promote COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence and Uptake across Ontario

Sara Bhatti, Josephine Pham and Jennifer Rayner


Data underscore how challenging it can be for populations that experience systemic and historical barriers to access necessary health information and services, including COVID-19 vaccinations and testing. In this paper, we describe the initiatives used by member centres of Alliance for Healthier Communities to promote vaccine confidence and uptake, highlight specific examples that applied a health equity lens, describe some of the challenges that centres faced and explore the key enablers for these initiatives. Lessons learned here can be used to engage in other health promoting activities including population health efforts currently under way across the country.



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