Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 35(4) January 2023 : 42-54.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2023.27074
Special Focus On Nursing Retention

Utilizing an Informatics Engagement Strategy as an Approach to Sustain and Retain the Nursing Workforce

Gillian Strudwick, Tania Tajirian, Jessica Kemp, Noelle Coombe, Uzma Haider, Satinder Kaur, Susan Murphy, Hwayeon Danielle Shin, Sara Ling and Damian Jankowicz


The purpose of this paper is to describe a nursing informatics engagement strategy at an academic teaching hospital in Canada aimed at sustaining and retaining the nursing workforce by (1) enhancing nursing engagement and leadership in informatics decision making; (2) improving nurses' experiences using the electronic health record (EHR) by creating a process of rapid handling of technology issues; (3) leveraging data about nurses' EHR system use to identify opportunities to further streamline documentation; and (4) enhancing and optimizing informatics education/training and communication strategies. The nursing informatics strategy aims to improve engagement among nursing staff, as well as decrease the burden of using the EHR as a way of addressing possible causes of burnout.



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