HealthcarePapers 18(4) December 2019 : 48-57.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2019.26029

The Quest for Value in Canadian Healthcare: The Applied Value in Healthcare Framework

Deirdre McCaughey, Gwen McGhan, Sumedh Bele, Nishan Sharma and Natalie C. Ludlow


The exponential rise in healthcare costs in developed nations has sharpened the need for greater "value" in healthcare. Porter's (2010) seminal work is one of the most cited definitions and equation for value-based care. The pursuit of greater value in our healthcare system is of paramount importance, yet translating value-based healthcare (VBHC) into a framework that can be effectively utilized in the Canadian system remains a challenge. To address this challenge, we propose that VBHC can be adapted to fit the Canadian healthcare system through (1) visionary leadership for and conceptualization of VBHC at the federal government level and (2) thoughtful application of VBHC at the provincial government level. Our applied value in healthcare framework serves as a platform from which VBHC initiatives, programs and outcome measures can be systematically organized and executed within provincial healthcare systems. This methodical approach could support both provincial ministries and their health systems in pursuit of VBHC and provide the basis for explicit measurement of VBHC success, thereby helping to address the pressing issue of sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system while optimizing patient-centred outcomes of care.



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