HealthcarePapers 20(4) October 2022 : 57-61.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2022.26960

Leveraging the Five Perspectives of Health Professional Education to Advance Change Management in Virtual Care

Kendall Ho


Virtual care (VC) was rapidly introduced into mainstream health service delivery due to COVID-19. To maintain and integrate VC with in-person care, one important change management approach requires a holistic educational strategy for the health professions. Pratt’s (1998) “five perspectives of teaching” is an effective framework to guide the development of VC education to holistically increase the knowledge and skills of health professionals and stimulate health system change through the Transmission, Apprenticeship, Developmental, Nurturing and Social Reform perspectives. This article then makes five recommendations to implement this strategy through purposeful involvement and collaborations between stakeholder organizations. 



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