HealthcarePapers 21(3) July 2023 : 63-68.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2023.27189
The Author Responds

The Failure to Address Systemic Anti-Black Racism Perpetuates It

OmiSoore Dryden


A refusal to consider the experiences of Black, Afro-Indigenous and Indigenous Peoples in healthcare settings has predated the global COVID-19 pandemic. The history and development of medicine are founded on anti-Black racism and, as a result, systemic anti-Black racism is a feature of healthcare settings and the delivery of services. Globally, anti-Blackness is a barrier to meaningful and substantively effective health equity and, yet, contemporary practices of equity and inclusion do not effectively address anti-Black racism. Focusing on the needs of Black and Indigenous Peoples would create equitable healthcare that would serve everyone's needs.



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