Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 26(4) January 2024 : 41-47.doi:10.12927/hcq.2024.27254
Care in the Community

The Community Paramedicine at Clinic Program: Improving Participant Health while Preserving Healthcare System Resources

Leena AlShenaiber, Guneet Mahal, Ricardo Angeles, Francine Marzanek-Lefebvre, Melissa Pirrie, Amelia Keenan and Gina Agarwal


Vulnerable populations such as low-income older adults in social housing suffer from poor quality of life and are impacted by chronic diseases. These populations are also high users of emergency services, which contribute to high healthcare costs. Community-based, patient-centred interventions, such as community paramedicine (CP) programs, can address the healthcare gaps for these underserved populations. Community Paramedicine at Clinic (CP@clinic) is an innovative, evidence-based, chronic disease prevention/management program that improves patient health and quality of life, connects them with health and community services, preserves healthcare resources and yields cost savings for the emergency care system. The program also works with other community organizations, facilitating interprofessional engagement and supporting other disciplines in providing care. Known barriers to implementing CP programs highlight the importance of standard practices and training as exemplified by the CP@clinic program.



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