Vol. 9 Special Issue | Sociology Insights on Inequities in Health and Healthcare



Towards a Sociology of Health and Healthcare

Ivy L. Bourgeault, Cecilia Benoit and Louise Bouchard


Population Health and Equity

The Pandemic Subject: Canadian Pandemic Plans and Communicating with the Public about an Influenza Pandemic

Laena Maunula


Territorial Translation of the National Health and Nutrition Program in Midi-Pyrénées, France

Jean-Charles Basson, Nadine Haschar-Noé and Ivan Theis


Linguistic Minorities in Canada and Health

Louise Bouchard and Martin Desmeules


Beyond ‘Run, Knit and Relax’: Can Health Promotion in Canada Advance the Social Determinants of Health Agenda?

Ted Schrecker


Social Aspects of the Delivery of Care

Adaptability of Physicians Offering Primary Care to the Poor: Social Competency Revisited

Christine Loignon and Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier


Standards and Stories: The Interactional Work of Informed Choice in Ontario Midwifery Care

Philippa Spoel, Pamela McKenzie, Susan James and Jessica Hobberlin


Home Healthcare and Family Responsibility: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Talk and Text

Laura M. Funk


Lifestyle as a Health Risk for Family Caregivers with Least Life Satisfaction, in Home-Based Post-Stroke Caring

Michéle Baumann and Barbara Bucki


Gender and the Social Experience of Health and illness

Sharing Bodies: The Impact of the Biomedical Model of Pregnancy on Women’s Embodied Experiences of the Transition to Motherhood

Elena Neiterman


Contemporary Issues in the Sociology of Healthcare in Canada

Comparing Approaches to Integrating Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Healthcare Professionals in Canada and the UK

Yvonne Leblanc, Ivy L. Bourgeault and Elena Neiterman


Exploring Stigma by Association among Front-Line Care Providers Serving Sex Workers

Rachel Phillips and Cecilia Benoit


Healthcare Policy


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