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“As Canadian healthcare organizations increasingly appoint physicians to executive/administrative roles, they will likely expect a high return on their investments” Frank Vounasis and (Dr.) Isser L. Dubinsky


Physicians: It’s in Your Court Now by Steven Lewis

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Introduction to Lessons Learned (the book): Moving Forward Together through Reflection and Sharing Paul Batalden, MD, Director, Center for Leadership and Improvement, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice
Each and every chapter in this book is available to our readers. Free. Today. Read them on your computer or favorite tablet. If you would like to have all the links covering every chapter simply email the Publisher and say: please send me the eVersion of the book “Lesson Learned”. You will get the whole book by the end of the day.

The Role for Advanced Practice Nursing in Canada:

Nursing Leadership, 23(Special Issue) 2010: 8-11 (this is available at no cost to the reader courtesy of of CHSRF and CIHR)

Longwoods makes these links available for your intranet – valuable tools and lessons for your personal and institutional use . .  You may also re-distribute these; the free access privileges will hold. Every issue, every paper available courtesy of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Accreditation Canada.

Patient Safety
Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 8 Special Issue    Patient Safety Papers Issue 1
Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 9 Special Issue    Patient Safety Papers Issue 2
Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 11 Special Issue  Patient Safety Papers Issue 3
Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 12 Special Issue  Patient Safety Papers Issue 4
Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 13 Special Issue Patient Safety Papers Issue 5

Recommended Reading

Healthcare Quarterly
Priority Setting in Ontario’s LHINs: Ethics and Economics in Action
Jennifer Gibson, Craig Mitton and Gwen DuBois-Wing

The PROMise of Quality Improvement in Healthcare: Will Canada Choose the Right Road?
Arlene S. Bierman

Nursing Leadership
Nurse Managers’ Work Stressors and Coping Experiences: Unravelling the Evidence
Sonia A. Udod and W. Dean Care

Healthcare Policy
Moral Distress among Healthcare Managers: Conditions, Consequences and Potential Responses
Craig Mitton, Stuart Peacock, Jan Storch, Neale Smith and Evelyn Cornelissen

Electronic Healthcare
The Evolution of a Health Information Brokering Service in the Province of British Columbia
Don Henkelman

World Health & Population
The Global Health Initiative and the Health Workforce
Maurice I. Middleberg


Breakfast with the Chiefs

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Tom Closson “In conclusion . . .”
January 11, 2012, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
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Kris Gustavson to public member to the Board of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia
Malak Sidky to Manager, Drug Safety & Risk, McKesson Canada
Dr. Diane Finegood to President and CEO of Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
Dr. Shoo Lee to incoming Scientific Director of CIHR’s Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health

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