From Approval to Access: How will Canadians See the Full Potential of Gene Therapy?

Durhane Wong-Rieger, President and CEO, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders,
Dr. Jerry Teitel, Medical Director, Hemophilia Treatment Centre·St. Michael's Hospital, Unity Health Toronto,
David Page, Consultant, Safety and Supply of Coagulation Products, Canadian Hemophilia Society ,
Graham Statt, Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta and
Moderator : Carly Weeks, VP, Public Affairs, Communications and Stakeholder Relations, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

Gene therapy has emerged as an exciting innovation for Canadians with rare diseases. As more gene therapy treatments gain approval in Canada, there is promise for transforming and advancing healthcare, especially in areas of high unmet need. Access to those new therapies, however, remains challenging. Join us to discover the untapped potential of gene therapy in Canada as this panel of experts addresses the barriers to access and explores innovative solutions to overcome them, ensuring every Canadian who needs it can access gene therapy with timely, equitable, and effective delivery. 


This event is supported through an educational grant from Pfizer Canada. 



From the comfort of your own home or space via Zoom, Toronto, ON, Canada

Video Runtime: 53:52