Practical Application of AI to Support Medical Event Prediction and Clinician Decision Making

Helen Angus, CEO, AMS Healthcare and
Matthew Hackenberg, Associate Product and Strategy Director, AI for Healthcare, IQVIA

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can introduce clarity to the clinical journey for the most-challenging diseases and treatment pathways.  AI brings power to consume large disparate data sets and transform information into succinct, actionable insights with the power to identify opportunities to reduce avoidable costs, predict medical events, and, ultimately, improve patient care. But developing, implementing, and interpreting to drive actionable results can be challenging without the right data, the right process, and the right actions to be successful. This session will focus on approaches for clinical decision support and identifying opportunities to engage providers with actionable care gaps aligned to best-practice guidelines.


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Rotman Desautels Hall 105 St George Street Toronto, Canada or From the comfort of your own home or space via Zoom, Toronto, ON, Canada

Video Runtime: 58:19