Silver Linings: A Year of Lessons in Innovating through Inclusion & Collaboration

Geoff Martha, Chairman and CEO, Medtronic, Neil Fraser, President, Medtronic Canada & Regional Vice-President - Canada, Medtronic PLC and Moderated by Sarah Downey

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone –  from governments, scientists, health systems, and the private sector – to work differently, almost overnight. The result was process and technology innovation deployment at unprecedented speeds. It was a stark contrast to the slow, often temporary, adoption of innovation. None of that would have been possible without the exceptional collaboration that occurred among stakeholders across sectors, both private and public.   This presentation will use examples from around the world and locally to discuss how we can continue to collaborate to engineer technological innovations and be bolder in adopting solutions to solve the next set of challenges facing the healthcare system, including strained health human resources, mounting wait lists, and structural and social barriers to care. 


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