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“Ever since that ER visit when I was 16, I have believed that the care I and my family receive (rightly) depends on a partnership with the medical community – I do my part and you do yours. If I say nothing: 1) when I am uncomfortable with what is happening; 2) when I have been given the role of “watchful eye” (when waiting for care) and spotted a problem; or, 3) when I don’t know what the warning signs are that I should be watching for, I am failing my side of the partnership.” Kira Leeb provides six mini cases demonstrating partnership care and one case that didn’t. Read about the real embarrassment here.


Healthcare, Moore’s Law and Joints; A statistical appendix and discussion of case costing – Part two of two by Will Falk

Off the Cuff

Two weeks of bliss:

We have opened up a whole series of books and journals for your late summer reading – freely available courtesy of an unrestricted grant from Philips.

  1. Can a mass media television broadcast unrelated to health be associated with changes in the rate and characteristics of visits for acute emergency care? Find out here.
  2. Child Health in Canada Issue 2: Child and Youth Mental Health
  3. Child Health in Canada Issue 1: Determinants of Health
  4. The redesign of Princess Margaret Hospital’s–systemic therapy (chemotherapy daycare and transfusion) facilities. The vision: create a new space and experience that is truly patient centric and world class. More here from Brian Golden and colleagues.
  5. Once again with emphasis: Hand hygiene compliance by healthcare providers has been difficult to achieve due to diverse environments, work culture, processes and task requirements (editor’s note: “malarkey”). The Development of a Tool Kit to Create Supportive Processes and Environments.  And more from Patient Safety Papers Issue 5

Tom Closson: 17 clips to retirement. No. 1

Tom Closson and Pablo Rivero: “International collaboration and innovation in citizen engagement.” Lessons from Spain (Tom starts at minute 28). A Discussion with Pablo Rivero, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Social Policy, Government of Spain.

A good start toward rational healthcare billing Will Falk provides his perspective on the revised Physician Services Agreement in Ontario.

Edmonton Obesity Staging System [EOSS] offers clinicians a useful approach to identify obese individuals at elevated risk of mortality who may benefit from more attention to weight management. Details here.

The Renewed Power of “Telehealth”

Dr. Ed Brown has agreed to tell us what he is really thinking — at Breakfast with the Chiefs. Topics will range from the impact of global telehealth on Canada to OTN’s creation of a tele-home health network. Over the last year OTN conducted more than 134,000 clinical consultations. This may pale in comparison to their impact once the network reaches into patients’ homes and the broader community and readily accessible to both healthcare providers and tele-homecare patients. Radiologists and family docs will not want to miss this. Email us and we will pre-announce the date and place.

Call for Nominations: The Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education

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How to …

How to Get Published: Tip #2
Targeting the Right Journal for Your Work

Most of you probably know that Longwoods publishes several journals. In fact, there are six all together. Three are focused on aspects of health policy and health services research. Healthcare Quarterly is a journal of leading practice. HealthcarePapers is a forum for examining new policy initiatives. Healthcare Policy is a peer-reviewed journal of health services and policy research. (And yes, the names are very similar and can be confusing to the uninitiated.). Read more here.

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